Go West Property Management

Payment Terms

Our prices will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change.  Clients will be given one month notice of any proposed changes to our prices.


We prefer to invoice monthly, and payment should be made within seven days following receipt of the invoice.  For work organised with a third party, we require half of the total cost in advance, and the balance to be paid immediately on completion.  If clients wish to minimise bank transfer fees, the whole amount can be deposited with us in advance, and final payments will be handed over to the third party on satisfactory completion of the work. 


Utility Bills
For electricity, water or telephone bills, cleared funds must be made available before any bills will be paid.  For deliveries of oil, logs etc. funds should be deposited with us in advance.


Communal Facilities
For contracts relating to a shared facility, one oowner should be elected as the person responsible for collecting and forwarding payments on behalf of joint owners. 


Emergency repairs
For emergency repairs, (particularly important if you are renting) funds must be sent to us immediately before any work can be carried out.  If your bank does not provide a prompt service for transferring funds, then it is advisable for owners to deposit an ‘emergency float’ with us which we will hold in a separate account.  This should help avoid any disruption for guests staying at the Villas.


Go West reserves the right to modify, alter or update these payment terms at any time.  Clients will be notified of any changes by e-mail.